Versatile Antwerp, Belgium

Park Spoor Noord (Antwerpen-Noord)
The pillars and walls of the Noorderlaan bridge in Park Spoor Noord Antwerp, a zone where graffiti is tolerated. The spot itself is not really easy to find, the main road that crosses it has no exit nearby, you will really have to search a bit. Many national and international artists, from the Netherlands to Italy to Korea, have already shown their talent here.

Versatile Antwerpen
Antwerp is a big city including the neighboring villages, the street art is spread over all kinds of spots in and outside the city center. I took my bike and with the handy App of Street Art Cities I visited a lot of small works and gigantic murals. In the trendy part “Het Eiland” you will find some really big ones…

Het Kopstraatje
The Kopstraatje, a narrow street between Kammenstraat and Nationalestraat in the middle of Antwerp’s fashion quarter, a place where formerly mainly taggers and drug users came. This changed around 2012 when artists gave color to this notorious alley during a three-day graffiti jam. In 2014, the Kopstraatje was further provided with Street Art by artists from South America on the initiative of the Artists Supporting Platform.

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