Teufelsberg Berlin, one of the largest galleries

This trip has been on my wish list for a while…. The Teufelsberg in Berlin! Teufelsberg; German for Devil’s Mountain) is a non-natural hill in Berlin. It rises about 120.1 meters (394 ft) above the sea level, in the north of Berlin’s Grunewald Forest. It was named after the Teufelssee (Devil’s Lake) in its southerly vicinity. The hill is made of debris and rubble, and covers an unfinished Nazi military-technical college (Wehrtechnische Fakultät). During the Cold War, there was a U.S.

From my hotel in East Berlin it was a short trip with the S3 or the S9 Bahn to Heerstrasse. Turn left outside the S-Bahn station and walk through the Teufelsseechaussee into the forest towards the Teufelsberg. I was there in March and it had snowed, which made the area extra beautiful. After 20 minutes you can take a path on the right towards a parking lot. From there it is another 10-minute walk to the entrance via a small winding path. You already can see the futuristic towers above the trees in the distance. At the gate we paid an entrance fee of € 8 per person for entering the area. In my opinion, they need these costs to manage and maintain the place. After that you can just explore the Teufelsberg area unaccompanied and you can look inside wherever the doors are open. You can also use a decent staircase on both sides to climb the building on which the tower and the two spheres are located. This is on your own risk, but it is certainly worthwhile and quite safe. What an incredibly beautiful street Art you will encounter here. Large murals outside but also many small works and Graffiti in and around the buildings. It’s like walking on a movie set… The Teufelsberg is now definitely in my top 3 of the most special places where I have spotted Street Art.

Photo Gallery Teufelsberg Berlin