Street Art from Paris with Love

A summer trip to Paris, yes that Covid-19 summer of 2020. Where this metropolis is normally overrun with hordes of tourists, I almost had this big city to myself. Now I often come to places where not many tourists will ever come but… for the districts around the Eiffel Tower, Montmartre with its Sacre Coeur and “Quartier Pigalle” in the 18th arrondissement with his Moulin Rouge this is exceptional. During my biketour through Paris I saw Street Art everywhere. Not especially in the big main streets but in the small ones in in each arrondissement, with the small nice eateries where they sell those monstrously tasty Croissants. In several prominent places you will find Grafitti and murals by famous artists such as Kaldea Nakajima, Naito Oru, Meton Joffily, dacruzgraffiti, Jessy Doudou, viniegraffiti and paste-ups by The Space Invaders, Eddie Colla and Matt Tieu. During my days in Paris I had planned different routes to Street Art spots. In the Belleville district (20th arrondissement), in old industrial estates along the Seine and around Le Lavo // matik arts urbains you will find beautiful Grafitti and other Street Art. At this spot, which I was tipped by a colleague from the scene, the modern new city buildings are coming painfully close… I’m also a fan of Paste-up art, you can find a lot in the districts around Montmartre. You will find works by gregosart (3D Faces), The Postman Art, RX Skulls and C + S Street Art with his creative stamp applications. Paris, you where beautiful, quiet and with #Vapski on every truck 😜

Stairs at Le Lavo // matik arts urbains

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