Open Air Museum Berenkuil, Eindhoven

Major works
The Berenkuil or Insulindeplein is a traffic square in Eindhoven that has two floors: one on the ground floor for car traffic and below it a junction of cycle paths. A bear pit is a roundabout where the road for car traffic is on an elevated slope. One floor below is the slope for slow traffic: walkers, cyclists and moped riders. The bear pit in Eindhoven was completed in 1973.

The square is located on the Ring and connects the center of Eindhoven with the motorway to Helmond. It is also the access road in northern and southern directions. There are also a number of large cyclists and pedestrian tunnels for all directions. The square derives its name from the bear pit.

The area also functions as an “open air museum” because graffiti artists are allowed to do their own thing. The police do not act against the graffiti sprayers in the bear pit. Major works are often carried out.

Photo Gallery Open Air Museum Berenkuil, Eindhoven: