Oldskool Rail Tunnel, Boxtel

Duits Lijntje Boxtel
“You’re in London now, aren’t you?” a good friend asked me. “My daughter has forgotten her teddy bear in a Hotel near Hyde Park, if you are in the area….” Of course I went to pick it up and the 2 are happily reunited. This friend, a talented graffiti artist himself, suggested making a graffiti piece together to do something back. He knew about my Street Art addiction… so my first work came from a spraycan in Boxtel. That had to be like that because I finished my graphic education in Boxtel City (Sint Lucas).

Graffiti Event
This spot is an old railway tunnel called ‘Duits Lijntje’ located beneath the A2 between Boxtel and Liempde. This spot is quite hidden but certainly not unknown in the scene. For example, a Graffiti Jam will be organised here every year, the TunnelVision graffiti event in Boxtel. With a different theme and artists every year. Throughout the year it’s a legal place where you can create your own Street Art.

Photo Gallery Duits Lijntje, Boxtel: