Nomadic Community Garden, London

a little Festival…
are people live here, it seems to… and it seems quite nice to me. Everywhere crafted objects, old furniture, caravans and you can just order a nice fresh cappuccino at a small coffee bar. I was there on a weekday, your premises are open between certain times. Wasn’t busy but I was able to take some really nice pictures despite the rainy afternoon. I also follow this place with an # on Instagram and on weekends there are very nice parties. Photos are also taken for clothing brands and once a year also a Graffiti Jam on the large wall of the railway tunnel. What I suspected at the time has now become reality, the place has now become an empty sandy area. It is also in the middle of London, so this land will get a different destination. The Garden was behind the Allan gardens Playground, he was accessible via an overground tunnel. I am also curious how long my favorite area will be in London as it is now….

Photo Gallery Nomadic Community Garden, London: