NDSM-wharf Amsterdam

Shipyard Amsterdam
From 1920 to 1984 this warf was one of the largest in the world, gigantic ships rolled down the ramp. The large warehouses and imposing factory buildings give the NDSM-wharf squares and surrounding streets its raw look and became an ideal breedingplace for creative people.

To reach the NDSM wharf, we took the S118 exit by car on the A10 ring road and followed the signs “Noord 180”. In addition, a free ferry goes directly to the NDSM shipyard From Amsterdam Central which is accessible to pedestrians and cyclists. The first large building you see is the Lasloods with the Anne Frank mural made by Eduardo Kobra. You will also find various Graffiti creations around this building that change every week. In the past the Lasloods, also called the “cathedral of NDSM”, was a place were huge ships and parts were welded. Ready for the slope, ready for the water. Now the Lasloods is one the largest Street Art museum in the world.

The NDSM-warehouse is on the other side of the square. Various cultural organizations are established here, such as Street Art Today, a promotional platform for street art and a full service urban art and street art agency. Beside that you can find big old industrial machines and various exhibitions in this building.

The real Street Art fanatic will be in heaven around these buildings. Many stacked sea containers, the old cranes and metal beams are fully covered with street art and gives every photo his colorful and raw look. Around the large slipway are old sheds with doors that make the whole characteristic and you will find a lot of street art on it. The NSDM-wharf, certainly one of my favorite locations so far.

Photo Gallery NDSM Werf Amsterdam: