La Croix-Rousse, Lyon

Route du Soleil
For most off the people, who’re driving to their holiday locations in South France or Spain, Lyon is a well-known city. Not always in a positive way because the “Route du Soleil” is going straight through this town… oh my god, the traffic jams are here. And so did I with my family, but soon many graffiti pieces took my attention along the ways trough Lyon. Many fast pieces but sometimes they where more beautiful and there he was… my first Birdy kid on a control cabinet. A few years ago the city government approached the creators of these famous birdy kids to cooperate and make it a city mascot, and so it is now! Unfortunately I didn’t get enough time to make a photo while I was driving my car and three kids asking… Are we there yet? Yes we are, in the middle of a great city with a lot of Street Art…. I definitely want to see more next time!

La Croix-Rousse
Last year when we passed Lyon again, we decided to visit the city itself and took a short dive into the Street Art of Lyon. After some research on the internet, La Croix-Rousse should be one of the districts where we could find Street Art. A beautiful old part of Lyon located on a hill and between the two riversides of the Saône and the Rhône. But as often in older neighborhoods of a town some streets where narrow and dirty… this should be the right place. And soon the first works presented themselves. Beside the well-known graffiti work there were artificial creations and a lot funny paste ups. We also encountered a gigantic mural of an old authentic shopping street by Cité Création. If you ever get stuck in Lyon and you love Street Art…

Photo Gallery La Croix-Rousse, Lyon: