Our Local Street Art in Den Bosch

Kop van ‘t zand
Probably it will disappear, it’s no longer a rumour. The area around the “Kop van ‘t zand” needs a major renovation, unfortunately for some buildings it won’t be a ‘renovation’… they will going down brick by brick and off course including the beautiful street art creations that has been made on it. A well-known Bosschenaar “Janus Kiep” from our city history got a nice place on this building. The Skatehall with a lot of Graffiti will also clear the field. In the meantime, the nearby “Tramkade” has been refurbished with retention of the old features and buildings, and every year a fantastic street art festival will take place organised by Kinds of Colors. So the building above is going down, but as a well known saying: “At least we have the photos.”

The Bunker (Stadium the Vliert)
The ‘Hall of Fame’ nearby the Stadium of FC Den Bosch is a new spot for local graffiti artists and is made available by the town municipality. An old characteristic staircase and two long tunnels are complete filled-up with different Graffiti creations. I think it’s a super cool place, my kids love it too. In the early days, when a home game was played, supporters walked through this tunnels to the stadium.

Photo Gallery Our Local Street Art, Den Bosch: