Brick Lane Area, London

Grimsby street
An old woman… or maybe a thirty years old hipster who’s finishing his rocket science study at one of London’s Universities. Grimsby street 178A, who is actually living here? Without a photo of this place you probably don’t understand why I’m asking myself this question. Grimsby street is one of the side streets of Brick Lane, a well-known uprising creative area in East London. In the early nineties it was a disadvantaged neighbourhood, former immigrants from India and Bangladesh are still living here. That’s why you can still find the best curry restaurants of London in this street! Back to Grimsby street, one of my favourite streets in this area where you can find a lot of wall- and street art creations. Just finish this road the see it all.


Pedley street
This pedestrians side way at Brick Lane will bring you all the way to the Nomadic Community Garden at Fleet Street Hill. During this walk you will pass the Allen Gardens and a London’s overground tunnel… you can’t miss it. This route is actually a real street art museum from my opinion.. a Walhalla!


Star Yard
The last street art hotspot I want to lighten up is the Stay Yard, a narrow passage leading you to a small courtyard used as parking place halfway Brick Line. The entrance of this place is hard to miss. The left wall is covered with ‘paste-ups’ posters, stickers and printed drawings in a fused graphic collage, one of the styles you can also find at Grimsby street. A living art wall which is changing almost every day. The right side of this entrance is covered with graffiti art, often made by one artist in a specific style. The walls of the courtyard are covered well mixed with street art creations made by different artists.

Photo Gallery Brick Lane area, London: